Up to 35


YEAR: 2009


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, EMMET TRUXES

This project is a modular system of independent student housing units that are adaptable to different lots. 

Each housing unit is designed for one student and is organized in two floors; the private floor is for the bedroom and the bathroom while the semi-public floor has a living area and a study space. 

Half of the housing units are at ground level while the rest are positioned one level higher creating open spaces for public covered plazas. 

At the midlevel, there are public units that contain a kitchen and a lounge area that are to be shared by the students. Each unit has its own individual access and the circulation among the units activates the public plazas created on the rooftops of some units and in-between others. There is also vertical circulation through stairs that facilitate the integration between the dorms, the plazas and the urban space of the street. 

The arrangement of the units recalls the haphazard arrangement of the Greek islands. This modular system gives students the privacy of their own dorm, the opportunity to interact with other students in the shared spaces and areas of circulation, and allows them to activate and integrate themselves into the urban fabric through the use of the public spaces of the plazas.