LOCATION: Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

YEAR: 2017


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, Christopher Torres, Jesús García, Camila Ureña

Palermo is located in a mostly residential sub-urban area of Mexico city called Naucalpan de Juárez. The site, a common rectangular terrain had neighbors on 3 sides and an old construction that was to be demolished.

The approach  was to leave an existing block at the end of the site that served as a multipurpose room and to make the new construction block as near the street as possible in order to have the most amount of garden space between the old and new.

The scheme and program arrangement was simple, at ground floor level two enclosed blocks of services to the sides –  kitchen, maid’s rooms and storage – were to contain the main public space of the house, that opens up to the garden all the way to the old refurbished block at the end of the site, having a long view to the garden and enhancing a sensation of openness. Finally, the top level holds the private program and the family bedrooms, having a 360 degree view to designed green spaces, allowed by the local restrctions of the area