Casa Montaña

LOCATION: Jardines del Pedregal, CDMX.

YEAR: 2017


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, José Luis Jiménez, Frida Mouchlian, Claudia Cortéz, Jesús García

Montaña involved our participation in a residential complex with real estate purposes in collaboration with tree of the most talented young mexican firms including Bernardi + Peschard, CC Arquitectos and EstudioMMX.

The masterplan was developed in Pedregal, southern Mexico City, wich has a strong cultural and natural identity. It envolved the design of six different houses arranged in a perimetral scheme around an empty center, two of each given to every firm. The center of the masterplan has a radial scheme, due to all the parking spaces under street level in the form of covered garages and service units.

PPA was selected to design and develop the last two houses at the last end of the masterplan, working as a mirrored house units. The main design intentions were to have more solid blocks towards the main facade to enclose the central masterplan space, being more open to the rear part of the site, were the remaining residual space due to planning restrictions was designed as gardens with existing and new trees and vegetation that serve also as view for the social areas and rooms on the upper levels. Open terraces on the main level and the bedrooms above were resolved to overlook this gardens and treetops.