Endless Openness- Kunsthalle Basel

Basel, Switzerland.


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Rita Ponce de León

In our curiosity to understand space and how bodies relate to it, we collaborated with Rita Ponce de Leon (Peru, 1982), a visual artist who focuses mainly on exploring through drawings and installations the connection and conversations generated between different realities, and how these can create new ones. Her starting point is the assumption that images are capable of communicating something real, if they are based on genuine life experience and the knowledge generated by
a particular event.

In collaboration with Pablo Pérez Palacios, this intention was translated into space. More specifically, how space affects relationships. When one spends time with people, one also shares a space with them, breathes the same air, and uses the same objects. A dialogue is established even before any verbal exchange can begin.

This exercise is the result of a long line of experimentation and questioning our work, the way people related between themselves and others in a space and the perception of it. This collaboration gave us the opportunity to take this relation out of our traditional frame seeing through the lens of art.  

...The willingness to immerse oneself in this environment leads to the openness the artist here endeavors to address. The construction of two large intersecting aluminium frames protruding outside the window in the last gallery is mirrored inside the gallery by similar frames extending from the window. The door-window thus multiplied also multiplies the views one can experience, and elaborates the openness of the window as such. The visitor is moreover invited to change the frames’ position inside the gallery and thus to modify the view from the window...

...The combination of the light medium with an equally discreet exhibition architecture invites the KUNSTHALLE visitors to involve and integrate themselves, to connect with their vis-à-vis, to give their emotions full scope, and to reflect on what they have experienced and what they would like to remember....

Fabian Schöneich, Assistant Curator