Milpa, Ritual Imprescindible

Construction with Abraham Cruzvillegas Botanical Garden, UNAM, CDMX 107m2 2015

Recycling and reusing materials is a form of exploration that manifests in our work as well as in our collaborations: Abraham Cruzvillegas and Pablo Perez Palacios met in the botanical gardens of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and found there a fertile ground for their explorations on unfinished work. The proposal of collaboration that emerged from this encounter was based on a dialogue between Cruzvillegas’ art proposal developed during the last few years around auto-construction and the architectural language of DCPP.

Inspired by an unfinished wall made of volcanic stone found in the botanical gardens, and piles of rubbish and gravel scattered across the landscape, Pablo and Abraham decided to use the rubbish and the gravel to complete the other half of the wall. The result is a continuous line that limits the space in a distinctive way and leads towards a platform ideal for the contemplation of the natural reserve.