Dr. York

LOCATION: West Hollywood, CA.

YEAR: 2012


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pablo Pérez Palacios

York Spectacle Makers is a Mexican family run business owned by a young couple, the new generation in a long line of people dedicated the eyewear business. After successfully building a brand in Mexico they decided to go international. Due to their tight budget, the shop had to be prefabricated in Mexico and then sent to LA and assembled on-site.

The shop is located in WEHO (West Hollywood). A upcoming neighborhood (incorporated 1984) surrounded by the the glamorous Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and Beverly Grove. As opposed to most of Los Angeles, which is a car oriented city, WEHO seeks to balance cars and pedestrians, offering many walkable areas with restaurants, open malls, farmers markets and design shops.

Taking advantage that WEHO is a friendly pedestrian area, the shop opens to the street through a long glass facade establishing a relationship between the interior and the exterior inviting people to come in. Inside, the layout of the shop can be thought of as three parallel areas: exhibition, exploration and experimentation. The exhibition area extends along the wall and is composed of a prefabricated modular system of MDF square frames filled with recycled cardboard tubes and wooden shelves. These easy to move modules become a wall with holes in which mobile shelves are inserted. This was our proposed solution to the need for a flexible, light, transportable and low cost structure.The exploration area is at the center of the space and is composed of a large wooden table with white chairs; this long common table fosters conversation and the sharing of ideas and suggestions, while people can explore the different eye wear pieces. The experimentation area is a long mirror wall that reflects everything that is happening in the store. At the back of the shop, you can find the workshop which is open to the public in order to see how it works.