Cápsulas del tiempo


YEAR: 2009


TEAM: Pablo Pérez Palacios + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, HERNÁN BETANZOS


Every individual has a vital, intimate, personal space. Space that not only surrounds and travels with one but is a part of our human essence. You could say that depending on the context, it’s the amount of air being used or filled in a determined room. 

As travelers go through this room, the air inside it changes. If we are capable of materializing those changes that only users perceive, we can modify the existing space, or we can even create a new one, as visitors leave behind an important part of their essence.

As each individual leaves behind their see-through balloon, filled with air from their lungs, a completely different meaning is given to the original space. We can actually appreciate the initial oxygen being substituted with the balloons, which represent a little essence of every being that passes through the room. The number of people that leave behind their air-filled balloons will determine the changes that the room will inevitably suffer. In that sense, the visitor is conceived not only as a spectator but as a creator as well. As this particular space does not have a defined form but is in constant transformation. The air inside it is no longer one, but the sum of many. As visitors go through this particular space, they will be able to experiment how the area is being modified, as the oxygen inside it is replaced by their own. The diffused transparency of the balloons gives a certain ambiguity to the room, and as it is filled with them, we get a completely different perception, not only of the room but of the space that fills it.